A Real H&M Home Home

Bungalow5_HM Home_2

I am going to start by apologizing, if you have seen these images already, its because they circled around many of the other Scandinavian blogs before Christmas, but I felt like they just drowned in the holiday season, so kept them safe until now.

So they are all from H&M Home, and all styled by Lotta Agaton. I have actually not paid to much attention to H&M the past few year, because I felt like it all became a little bit to Paris Hilton, girly, pink and to ruffly, you know what I mean? But they stepped up apparently. I love how they these new images show the collection in a real home environment, so instead of it all being H&M and other cheaper like furniture, they mixed it with high-end pieces, so it resembles a real home. It actually made me walk through one of their stores recently, just to capture the feeling again and to fell the fabrics. I for one love their bedding collection, especially the watched linens, which seem like good quality with a very reasonable price tag.

Bungalow5_HM Home_3 Bungalow5_HM Home_4 Bungalow5_HM Home_5 Bungalow5_HM Home_6 Bungalow5_HM Home_1 Bungalow5_HM Home_7 Bungalow5_HM Home_8


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