About Bungalow5

Bungalow5 is an International blog and the primary Danish blog for those who are passionate about design in all its forms, and for those seeking inspiration and unique ways to decorate a modern, comfortable and stylish home.

Bungalow5 offers access to comprehensive news, interviews and reviews within the creative world, covering design, architecture, travel, art, events and much more. All posts are written with a primary focus on the Danish market. Our articles can only be found here. Bungalow5 updates daily with new and exciting posts and therefore creates an incentive for readers to return again and again.

Bungalow5 was launched at the beginning of January 2010 and has grown rapidly ever since, attracting over 40.000 unique visitors every month.


About Allan Torp

For most of my career I have worked in the Danish fashion industry with PR and communications for a wide range of Danish and international brands. As inspiration from the fashion industry ended, I sought refuge in my great passion in furniture and design industry. Here I quickly discovered that Danish blogs were limited to recreational projects with lots of do-it-yourself projects and not with inspiration from the endless traditions that Danish design features. Therefore I started Bungalow5 and right from the beginning my vision was: to create a platform for the simple, bright and Scandinavian look, which is known throughout the world.

Today, I dedicate all my time to the blog and works freelance with a range of Danish design brands and magazines. I have worked with several brands and have contributed to an interior book.