Abstract construction cubism


How is your weekend going? I have been cruising Palm Springs for Modernism Week, will have a few posts up next week for you guys. Today I want to share a new collaboration between Studio Aterlier Cph and The Poster Club – two new abstract art prints.

The inspiration for the limited collection is found in contrasting materials and sculptures where the human face gets interpreted in an abstract way. The artwork is created by layering elements of hand painted shapes and colors. The color palette is inspired by the 70ties adding a splash of color to the home.

I really cannot decide if I like the colored version or the black and white version best.

Bungalow5_poster_club_ateliercph_morten_bentzon_2017_02 Bungalow5_poster_club_ateliercph_morten_bentzon_2017_03 Bungalow5_poster_club_ateliercph_morten_bentzon_2017_04




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