Adam. Opel Adam.

This past week, I have been cruising through the country in the new Opel Adam. A sassy little thing. The cool metallic blue surely got me some extra attention, everywhere I parked, people turned their heads – gave me thumps up or a nice compliment. Pretty sure they were complimenting the car of course.

I really don’t want to bore you with all the technical details, I will say this though. It sure is fast. I really had a hard time keeping to the speed limits driving home from the countryside the other morning at 7am with no one else on the highway. It is also a very cool city car, as it is super easy to park with sensors all around. If Fiat500 is the girls pick, this should definitely be the guys pick.

There are two smaller things though. The boot. It is not fit for any adult, I could hardly fit me gym bag, but you can’t win it all I guess. And. Inside, which is amazing I just might add, there is one minor detail, minor as in kind of mayor really. There is NO GPS. There is a huge touch screen, which you could easily watch an entire movie on, but seriously no GPS. As Julia Roberts said 25 years ago “Big mistake. Big, big mistake!”. (Please do note, that you can install an app in the models with IntelliLink, clearly I am not nerdy enough to know what that means).

Anyway. If I only had 160.000 DKK I would buy this car in a heartbeat. In other words, it is not a cheap car, however, you can get some pretty good leasing options.

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