Autumn Decadence and New Minimalistic Curves from Kähler

Today Danish Kähler showed their newest collection in beautiful surroundings in Copenhagen, and while I did not attend, by the looks of it, the surrounding kind of stole the show. The Kähler release is always quite the draw, which certainly also was the case today. However, honestly I am a little bit disappointed by the releases, which basically is mostly just new colors on existing collections and I am not super excited about the few new designs they are presenting.

Most exciting collections is still the Hammershoi collection, which now will be available in indigo blue and decadent green – and I can’t quite decide if the new slim and minimalistic two-armed candlestick is amazing or not. But hey, you have to give it to Kähler for always presenting new collection and continuously bringing us new and modern ceramics at very affordable prices.

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