Bose SoundTouch 10


I can appreciate a good gadget every once and a while. And this year there seem to be some extra-interesting devices to get stoked on. For one, I have had the new Bose speaker, SoundTouch 10, for a little one-on-one test. We have listen to a lot of music, in different rooms, been in very different moods, but mostly just had some fun playing some of our favourite tunes this past month.

Music pretty much follows me everywhere, I am very easily bored, but music can keep preoccupied without really doing anything. I have been trying to take smaller brakes, shot of my phone and just relax with some music for 20 minutes every day for a while now and I love it.


The best thing about the SoundTouch 10 is that it both plays via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which makes it super easy to take with you to any location. Something that comes very handy, when you, like me, move from room to room all day. It can fill up any room with music, just crank it all the way up and you’ll definitely have a party going. Just note, that when you do turn up the volume to the max, you do notice that the audio breaks a little. My knowledge about small portable speakers is not big enough to know if this is a general thing, but now you know.

When it comes to its design, it is not the pretties I have ever seen, but not the ugliest one either. If you place in your window or your bookshelf like I did, then I think it look good and it blends in very well with the rest of your stuff.


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