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    Unpacked in New York City

    Two days in NYC and my last days of summer in the US. You might think, didn’t he just go to New York, and the answer to that are yes, but…


    Tumble Dry Without Any Worries

    Seriously is there anything better than newly washed sheets and fluffy towels? In my quest to make laundry sexy again, I want to talk a little bit about the tumble dryer…


    Seamless Entertainment

    The spirit that was created by Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen during the first twenty-five years of Bang & Olufsen’s life has survived until now. You could talk about them and…


    Like No One Else

    I like the big TV, but when it comes to the speakers, I want them to blend-in. I want the good sound, but I don’t want more black metallic plastic around…


    Decorating With A Big Curved TV

    It is definitely not easy, I’ll give you that. I am referring to the elephant in the room, the big black box that is the never-ending topic of many discussions between…


    My Kitchen Gadgets

    I am definitely not a foodie, I mean, I like spending time cooking, but I don’t cook to share it with you guys. I would say, I spent more time setting…