• Bungalow5_Norm Architects_Home Office

    Working From Home

    After a very long flight back from Los Angeles, I finally arrive home safe. The next couple of days I will stay on LA time, as I will stay up Sunday…

  • Bungalow5_Loft apartment_1

    Perfect Less Is More Studio

    This year will definitely be my “less is more” year; I have already started the process of clearing out my closets to the bare necessities. I am not quite there just…

  • Bungalow5_Grey Apartment_3

    Amazing Grey Studio Apartment

    Quite often I get an email asking about living small, you know how to decorate a smaller apartment making room for everything. Layout is of course key; you really do not…

  • bungalow5_wah_richmond_1

    80s Style Warehouse Apartment

    You might recognize one of these photos, as I have shown it already, but I R E A L L Y like this whole apartment, and as I am rethinking my…

  • bungalow5_discrustic_6

    Rustic Canyon

    I want to try to make it into a habit to find at least one and I really don’t know if its my longing to go (and live) abroad that I…

  • bungalow5_case-study-house_koenig_2

    The Sale of An Icon

    It’s really no secret, I love Los Angeles and I love the architecture you find all over the city. I mean Los Angeles is full of fantastic residential architecture in styles…

  • bungalow5_collectables-alvhem_4

    How To Mix In Your Collectables

    I absolutely adore the décor of this apartment – this is a perfect study and inspiration on how to mix in your collectables with all those new acquisitions and a ton…

  • bungalow5_auping_hotel-bed_2

    7 Simple Tips For A Hotel Bedroom

    I have made it into a habit every morning to make my bed. Before I get to my simple steps to achieve that great hotel bed and bedroom vibe I want,…