• Bungalow5_feb fav

    10 Things I Love For February

    My birthday Kristina Dam’s new mirror glass table Modernism Week in Palm Springs – midcentury mayhem and a lot of sun Chunky Stallion – big horses need love too I seriously…

  • bungalow5_7-years

    Hello 8

    Without doubt this last year, my 7th year blogging, was the best year to date & I owe it all to you guys, well and a little bit to myself also…

  • wah_richmond_brookeholm_ma-copy

    10 Things I Love for January

    First day back in 2017. How crazy is that really? I know it is so cliché to say, but I really feel like time just fly by so quickly. Soon I…

  • bungalow5_cocktail-hour_dark-and-stormy_2

    Cocktail Hour: Dark And Stormy

    I simply refuse to recognize that Christmas is just around the corner, so if you are looking for gift ideas, how to pack your gifts and Christmas decorations, well you just…

  • bungalow5_morning-ritual

    7-Step Guide For A Better Morning Ritual

    Every day my alarm goes off somewhere between 6 – 630am, except Thursdays, that’s my sleep till you wake up day, my day off really. Every other morning I am up…

  • bungalow5_skagerak_alona-vibe_1

    Make The Change, No One Else Will

    You’ll find very little about my very personal life on this blog. From time to time people ask, how I manage to live a life where I share so much of…

  • bungalow5_nordal-service_1

    Apple And Olive Oil Cake

    I don’t know if it is all the travelling these past weeks that has termed me into this domestic housewife or the fact that both the British and Danish Great Bake-off…