• bungalow5_bmw-420d-gran-coupe_3

    Road Tripping With BMW

    When I told my friends I was going on a weeklong road trip to Prague via Berlin and then back to Copenhagen through Krakow and Warsaw, there was a few raised…

  • Bungalow5_Ford Edge_feat

    Ford Edge

    I haven’t made a car review for so long, so it was good to get on the road last week. It was irony of fate really. New in Denmark, is the…


    Porsche 911 Carrera S

    Last week I drove, what is a dream car for most boys, the Porsche 911 Carrera S. 1… 2… 3… point 9 seconds is what it takes the new 911 Carrera…

  • The New Audi A4

    Audi A4

    It’s safe to say that both my friend Sheila and I had a blast exploring the southern coast of Sweden when we drove the new Audi A4 just before Christmas. The…

  • Bungalow5_blogombiler_porsche_cayenne_macan_2

    Porsche Cayenne & Macan

    I have driven some pretty cool cars this year; Audi TT, Ford Mustang and now also Porsche. Two different Porsches actually; the bigger Cayenne and the more compact Macan, both being…

  • Bungalow5_Mondeo Morning_1

    Ford Mondeo stationcar Titanium

    It was one of those early mornings. I got up super early and was praying for a beautiful sunset. I arrived to Amager Strand park just as the sun started to…

  • Bungalow5_Ford Mustang_5

    Mustang Convertible

    It is here: the all-new and legendary Ford Mustang. A lot of new cool technology has been added, making the new Mustang ready for a new era. Last week I had…

  • Bungalow5_AudiTT_2

    Audi TT Coupé 2.0

    Ever since the first model came out in 1998 I have dreamt about owning one – or at least try one. Only 17 years and three models later and I finally…


    Adam. Opel Adam.

    This past week, I have been cruising through the country in the new Opel Adam. A sassy little thing. The cool metallic blue surely got me some extra attention, everywhere I parked,…

  • Bungalow5_Thousand_2

    Explore Thousand

    Thousand is a design-driven lifestyle brand with one mission: to reinvent the bike helmet. And they did. Finally, a helmet you actually want to wear. In only 9 hours they reached…