Decorating In Your 20s, 30s & 40s With One Single Classic Piece


Not many pieces of furniture can follow you for decades. Let’s be honest, either the quality is not good enough or you simply grow tired of them. Unless you invest in a classic piece, which you might not even like in 10-20 years, there is no guarantee you’ll keep it.

One Danish brand will definitely last for a lifetime, and if you start collecting in 20s, who knows where it will end up in your 40s. The good thing is, you can easily start small and just keep adding to your collection with time and as your needs grow for more storage. I am talking about Montana of course.

I teamed up with Montana, whose 36 modules, 4 depths, and 42 colours give you endless opportunities to create, frame and tell your personal stories. You start with a single and basic module in your 20s, get more in 30s and build it all together in your 40s.



In your 20s your home and cash on hand might not be the biggest, but you still want to long-term and surround yourself with great and proper design, so a simple module divided in two is a good way to start your collection. The good thing about Montana is the many ways you can actually use it. I am only illustrating one, using it in a hallway; it’s a great spot to just catch all your on-the-go items. You could also add base and use it as a little bench or add wheels and use it as a coffee table.



In your 30s you have move into your first real grown-up apartment and we all know, with more space comes the need for more storage. Add doors to hide away all the things you don’t want to people to see. You can choose to hang them on the wall or simply add a set of light legs, so you always have the possibility to move it around the house as you see fit. Adding a mirror in any space, gives the illusion of bigger spaces – you could also just hang the mirror above your hallway unit you got in your 20s to complete that look.




In your 40s you might be tired of looking at the hallway unit, which is where the Montana pieces is just so unique. As I said, it gives you endless opportunities, simply just move them around for a completely new setup and look. With the modules you got in your 20s and 30s you can now build one big storage unit – perfect for any room really. And it looks good with any other furniture as well.



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