Limited Edition of President Kennedy’s Favorite Lounge Chair

2017 marks the 75th anniversary of one the most epoch-making companies in the Danish design history. The celebrated FDB. One of the best known designers of all time, Børge Mogensen, lead FDB to stardom designing furniture everyone wanted and could afford. The whole philosophy behind FDB was to produce long-lasting, design furniture everyone could buy with a limited budget.

We all know, that many of his pieces have become classics, and skyrocketed in price today, not affordable to everyone anymore. However, though FDB disappeared in the 1980s and the demand for the design classics by Mogensen, Wegner and Jacobsen, didn’t emerge again until the early 00s. Luckily FDB is back, owned by Coop, and while they are producing many of the old pieces, they also produce new pieces with the same philosophy. Good quality design at affordable prices.

To mark the 75-year anniversary, they just launched one of the most popular and best selling chairs in their history – the J52B in 4 original colors. All marked and only 75 of each color. The chair used to be sold in the US too, where it rose to stardom, as Kennedy’s preferred lounge chair.

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