Making Laundry Sexy Again

There is nothing unsexier than doing laundry, just like vacuuming it is the weekly chore I really despite and dread it. Every weekend, I look at my laundry baskets, my overfilled laundry baskets, and just think not again. I know I am a little bit privileged, as I have both washer and dryer in my new apartment, making it a lot easier, so I have decided, not to moan anymore, and made it a goal of mine to not only get it done, but learn to enjoy it.

Obviously a well-appointed laundry room turns a tedious chore into a marginally satisfying, even enjoyable, task. My guess is, that most people have their washer and dryer stacked in a corner of their bathroom, or side-by-side, which are more than fine, of course. In my new apartment, I installed the new technology washer and dryer from AEG. I wanted a set that not only looked amazing, for me to find laundry sexy, they had to be too, but also, obviously, do their job best possibly.

There are a few cool features I want to point out, so stay with me before I share a few tips for making laundry loads easier. The new AEG washer wash up to 9 kg, and even weights out how big the load is before starting, so it doesn’t use unnecessary water if you only added 4 kg. The water in Denmark are extremely hard and full of chalk, but new technology softens the water making sure the clothes is not damaged, and finally I want to point out that it can wash anything, also the “hand wash only” garments. Don’t believe me? Check out the very cool video where AEG teamed up with Swedish fashion brand Whyred to prove it can be done.

Two more tips for making laundry sexy again.

#1 Wash clothes by type. You will see that the part of folding and returning the clothes to the appointed spot is a lot easier. So just wash all the shirts together. All the pants together. All the towels together. All the underwear at the same time, etc. It makes the whole process of folding towels a lot easier, without having to sort through a whole bunch of other things. Or to hang up a load of purely shirts. Most clothes is wash on 30 degrees anyway, with new machines and detergent, you really don’t have to wash at higher temperature anyway, so there is no point in colour coordinate your washes like you might have done previously.

#2 Do a load every day. Or so. I mean, do leave it all to do on the weekends. If you stick with #1, then it will actually safe you a lot of time. You could add the load in the morning before work, set the timer, so it is finished when you get back home. With this method, it will actually make you feel like you are not doing laundry at all.


Posted in partnership with AEG. Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for supporting collaborations that I am excited about and that have kept Bungalow5’s doors open.

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