MATSON + PALMER cashmere blankets

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In LA I came across Christy Matson & Jane Palmer via Instagram. Together they make some incredible, luxurious and handmade cashmere blankets that merge a unique blend of modernism, fine art and textile craft.

Their goal was to take something as timeless as the art of weaving and to reinvigorate it for the modern collector by using surplus and dead-stock cashmere yarns in new and exciting ways.

MATSON + PALMER cashmere blankets are luxurious and incredibly soft. Each blanket is hand woven using rare, irregular, hand-twisted cashmere sourced from a woman’s co-op in Afghanistan. The women raise goats, comb the fibres and spin the yarns largely by hand.

I visited the Downtown Los Angles studio, where Jane hand dyes each skein of cashmere using natural dyes. The dyed cashmere is then passed along to Christy, who hand weaves the yarn into double-layered blanket constructions on one of the only hand-operated Jacquard looms in southern California. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind collaboration in colour and weaving structures. The process to produce one blanket – from design conception, to dyeing and weaving – takes about one month.

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