Netflix’s Abstract Is A Must-Watch For Every Design Lover

If you’re a design lover just like me, which I would pretty much expect from you, as you are following this blog, there is a new series on Netflix, you have to binge-watch this weekend, if you haven’t already of course (as it started airing 6 days ago). Abstract: The Art of Design focuses on the lives and ideas of creators, trying to tease out the drama behind the effort to bring an idea to life. The series’ eight episodes each focus on one person—illustrator Christoph Niemann, graphic designer Paula Scher, photographer Platon, shoe designer Tinker Hatfield, architect Bjarke Ingels, interior designer Ilse Crawford, car designer Ralph Gilles, and stage designer Es Devlin—giving us a behind the scenes sneak peek into their way of working, habits, insecurities, and occasional bravado.

This show is a must see and a deep dive into a world many probably doesn’t understand or have very little knowledge off. I guess I don’t have to tell you that the episode about Ilse is my favorite.

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