NorthModern Week: Hagedornhagen


On my walk around north modern the other day, I met with the Hagedornhagen guys, Mads & Anders. Guys I have been following from the very beginning of my blog journey, so it is always a pleasure seeing what they have been working on the past year or so.

This time, they had made a collaboration with Royal Copenhagen to create the art installation โ€œThe Perfect Homeโ€. Together with the installation they launched their new and extremely artsy print, way more abstract than we have seen from them before. They have found their inspiration in the 1980โ€™s colours and choice of subject and in the Danish artist Vilhelm Lundstrรธm, who is known for his Cubist studies of everyday objects in strong colours.


Three of the prints are a tribute to three mayor cities, Copenhagen, Miami & Paris. Look closely and you will see why. The other three is even more abstract, name after near-earth asteroids, not completely sure why, but hey, does it matter?




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