Notes On Paper

It is almost like a new back to basic movement has shown itself lately. In a fast paced world most of us are just wishing for more time. More time to spend with the people that mean the most to us or just spending quality time with oneself. All alone. One of the big things right now is using paper to write down thoughts, drawing up your own weekly calendar or one of my personal favorites, which a very dear person made me aware of recently, a handwritten note in the mail.

Last week a new Danish brand Notem Studio saw the light of day. A brand that pays tribute to those “old” rituals we used to cherish so much, but slowly disappeared with technology. Notem Studio creates quality stationary and paper goods wrapped in beautiful meaningful artwork/design, so its not just a basic note book, but a note book with a great cover. As with so many other things, the packaging is so very important too.

I have never been the kind of guys speaking much about how I feel or my emotions, but writing them down makes more sense and is also easier for me. I am not saying I have started writing “dear journal” everyday, but writing down thoughts and ideas, might help me or others to understand me better. And I think my thoughts needs a pretty book to be in.

Photos by Allan Torp

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    Jarl Kjærbøll
    September 21, 2017 at 08:56

    Igen en skøn blog post 🙂 Og denne gang med lækre notesbøger. Et helt andet ting, den brune pude i sengen, ved du hvor den er fra? God dag

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      September 21, 2017 at 11:07

      Tak. Jeg tror det er betræk fra Aiayu – det er de andre puder i hvert fald, så prøv lige der i første omgang.

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