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One of my good colleagues from the Danish design scene, designer and interior designer Birgit Tarp just finished her new kitchen. It is everything I would like for my next kitchen. It would have been so easy for Birgit just to pick a clean white one, but luckily she went for something completely different. Black, white and white marble combined.


The kitchen is Multiform’s Form2 kitchen, which is oh so perfect for her beautiful villa from 1962. I love this kitchen not only because of the mix of materials, but also because you can see the oak structure on the drawer fronts. This gives it a sense of nature and great organic feeling.

Also notice how she opened up the kitchen to the dining room, making it optimal for having dinner parties. I mean who doesn’t hate slaving in the kitchen, when your guests are having fun in the other room.



Many have talked about how kitchens would transform through the last couple of years, I actually think that almost 99% of kitchens sold in Denmark are all white. I believe Birgit’s new Multiform Form2 kitchen is super trendy and a way of not going all in on something completely outranges, but a way of merging something recognisable and something very trendy and new.


– This post is made in collaboration with Multiform, the words, opinions and images selection are made by me –

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    November 6, 2015 at 00:50

    Sounds like I was right in my expectations of market development, regarding the color trend.

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    Design Studio 210
    November 23, 2015 at 22:51

    Thanks for this post!

    Surely interesting regarding the kitchen trend. In the north of Europe is seems to have been hot with white for some time. In the south of Europe darker kitchens have actually been the norm for some time and people tended to go for darker woods and colors. On the other hand now there is a bit of a shift where they were starting to go for more whites, perhaps after all the Scandi interior and design shown online.

    In our home we have the lovely combination between white and light wood….which we are super happy with. With that said, we would probably go for a grayish next time around. Looking forward for more kitchen posts 🙂 /Anna Caroline

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      November 24, 2015 at 18:53

      And here we see a shift to more and more woods (in all colours) together with the white, like this kitchen.

      And thank you for your comment

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