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Can you think of anything better than cuddle up with your duvet in bed on a rainy and cold autumn day? Today I am going to teach you a bit about choosing the right duvet, as your choice actually has quite an impact on how you sleep at night. It is all about the ventilation.

According to Auping, you emit around 350 ml. moisture every night. It is super important for your sleep and you comfort, that the most is lead away from you bed quickly. This is where the ventilation system in your duvet comes in handy, as it will help you body breathe by diverting all your sweat and moist, so you’ll keep the right body temperature and sleep better – all night, every night.



You should really not go for a cheap version. Remember you spend a lot of time in bed sleeping. Also, don’t wash your duvet, especially if you have one full of natural feathers, you will just ruin the whole thing. Instead, give it a breather in fresh air as often as possible, hang it from you window if you don’t have a garden or balcony.

I have made a tutorial on how to make your bed, which will be uploaded later this week.


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