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    My Sonic Editions’ Curated Collection

    I just love the old Hollywood glamour and I am such big fan of those great actors. We all have our heroes right. Some of my favorites are Paul Newman, James…


    Interior Essentials: Balance No. 3

    Balance No. 3 is an art print created by Danish illustrator Carsten Nielsen, who by the way also have an amazing Instagram, and is just one of many great graphic prints…


    Martin Moore

    His designs has definitely evolved over the years and I have to say, it wasn’t until lately I started to keep an eye out for this one. Martin Moore is a…

  • ART

    Get The Gallery Vibe In Your Home

    Do you ever walk into an art gallery and think “This. This is exactly what I want my home to look like.” I do it every time I walk into an…


    Andrew Salgado

    One of my absolute favourite things about travelling is meeting new people, and just once in awhile the people I meet, also do something interesting that I can share with you…

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    Moon Flower & Orbit Leaf by Anne Nowak

    This morning The Poster Club uploaded a picture of their new collaboration with very talented Copenhagen based artist Anne Nowak. Two art prints both from Anne’s flower print series Dead People’s…