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    Midnight in the Bedroom

    New Swedish brand Midnatt (midnight) is getting of to a great start with their newly launch collection of great basics for children and adults in organic cotton. Josephine Blix and Louisa…


    7 Simple Tips For A Hotel Bedroom

    I have made it into a habit every morning to make my bed. Before I get to my simple steps to achieve that great hotel bed and bedroom vibe I want,…


    Wake Up Energized Every Day

    I am firm believer in getting a good nights rest equals way more productivity, looking way better, and just being ready to conquer everything with a smile the next day. I…


    The 5 rules of bedroom styling

    I have always considered myself a fairly good sleeper, meaning I can almost sleep anywhere, but as I am getting older, this has changed. I used to be able to sleep…


    Mini Bedroom Makeover

    I am a sucker for classics, especially those that you don’t see everywhere. I have just installed two new original 1227 Anglepoise lamps in my bedroom. So human in its form,…


    Nordal in the guestroom

    As you know, I share my apartment with a good friend, however, the past year we rented out the spare room, but now it is empty – or actually, we used…