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    Easiest Way To Add Colour To Any Kitchen

    I have talked about and showed many great works by Københavns Møbelsnedkeri, but never actually showed you guys pictures from their amazing studio in Copenhagen. I have visited the studio many…


    The Small Urban Kitchen

    I am pretty lucky to have a bigger kitchen, but in my previous apartment, it was all about the small urban kitchen where every inch of the room had to be…


    My Kitchen Gadgets

    I am definitely not a foodie, I mean, I like spending time cooking, but I don’t cook to share it with you guys. I would say, I spent more time setting…


    Copper is back

    Copper is back. I want to say, finally. The Danish brand Eva Trio has been producing some of my favourite pots and pans for year, however, not in the original copper…


    razor-sharp designer kitchen

    One of my good colleagues from the Danish design scene, designer and interior designer Birgit Tarp just finished her new kitchen. It is everything I would like for my next kitchen.…


    Barcelona Apartment

    I came back from yet another trip to Barcelona yesterday, the trip was court short, because I was going to shoot a campaign for a big Nordic company today. Something I…