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    10 Things I Love For October

    The release of my book – get a sneak of the cover here A weekend in Berlin with great friends Maintaining a clean beard with this one My new scent #1…

  • LIFE

    10 Things I Love For September

    A few days in Paris with this one and this one Working on a new menu with for these guys Obsessing over the new overlapping building tables Realizing its time for…

  • LIFE

    10 Things I Love For August

    A fun weekend in Napa A new modern perspective on my wall with this special edition print Showing my mags some love with this curvy golden one Stoneware! Working from my…

  • LIFE

    10 Things I Love For March

    Spring! My trip to Thailand and cruising with these guys My home being featured in the March issue of Australian magazine Inside Out Eden with notes of Redwood, Bergamot, Musk, Saffron,…

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    10 Things I Love For February

    My birthday Kristina Dam’s new mirror glass table Modernism Week in Palm Springs – midcentury mayhem and a lot of sun Chunky Stallion – big horses need love too I seriously…

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    10 Things I Love for January

    First day back in 2017. How crazy is that really? I know it is so cliché to say, but I really feel like time just fly by so quickly. Soon I…