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    Quick Tour of my Bedroom

    Basically, itโ€™s been a lot of walking from my bed to my desk since coming back from Milan last week. I have a ton of photos to go through, but slowly…


    10 Things I Love For December

    Celebrating Christmas with my family (first time in 4 years). Decadent Sunday facial and spa-like sessions, furnished by Surface, Le Labo & Kevin Murphy. Starting each morning with 50 pushups. Plenty…


    How I Dress My Kitchen Windows

    Actually I hadnโ€™t thought about blinds in my dining room/kitchen, it was until the guy from Luxaflex, who came around to put up my blinds in the bedroom, mentioned that they…


    My Green Friends And Me

    Howโ€™s your Easter going so far? Isnโ€™t wonderful with all these bank holidays? I am really enjoying a somewhat work free weekend, well at least without emails rolling in as usual.…