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  • Bungalow5_Pondoro_South Africa_Safari_4

    The Best Luxury Sarafi Lodge: Pondoro

    It is actually a little bit weird that I had to visit South Africa a mere 6 times before I went on a proper safari experience. Just before Christmas I travelled…

  • Bungalow5_China Moment_5

    China Moments

    Yeah for Tuesday. You made it through the worst day of them all already. Even though today feels extremely cold, I have to say, it seems like spring is just around…

  • Bungalow5_Cape Town Guide_feat

    The Ultimate Guide to Cape Town

    Illustration by louise haugaard nielsen for Bungalow5 Cape Town is spectacular. In Cape Town you’ll find a dynamic mix of culture, language and heritage. From the magnificence of the beaches (mind…

  • bungalow5_palmkloof-iconvillas_1

    Palmkloof Penthouse, Cape Town

    You all know Airbnb, which I often do enjoy, but I find that it is not always up to what I expected from pictures and descriptions. In Cape Town, there is…

  • bungalow5_winter-escapes_amalfi

    8 Destinations for A Winter Escape

    What is it with a holiday that just makes you want a new one? Isn’t the whole point that you go a holiday to recharge your battery, so you are all…


    10 Things To Do On A Weekend In Copenhagen

    I have a lot of friends passing through Copenhagen all the time, and sometimes its just friends of friends that want to explore the city, but don’t always know where to…

  • bungalow5_vienna_guide_5

    One Perfect Day: 24 Hrs. In Vienna

    Autumn in Vienna. The pavement cafés lining the backstreets of the capital are dismantled and turned back into parking spaces for its people, as they return from their holidays and second…

  • bungalow5_guesthouse-vienna_6

    The Guesthouse Vienna

    The scene was set when I visited Vienna; the sun was shining from an almost blue sky this Sunday in October. It couldn’t be better … if it wasn’t for my…

  • bungalow5_fall-weekends_4

    9 Long Fall Bucket List Weekends

    From green to orange – change is on its way! The autumnal season, when the air turns crisp and trees flaunt vibrant hues, is a particularly lovely time to travel, whether…