The Escape Collection

Escaping to nature is something Scandinavians embrace enthusiastically. Long drives on empty roads, disconnecting from the material world, to hidden houses deep in the landscape, and reconnecting with mother nature. Journeys of such annual importance, they are almost akin to a religious pilgrimage. Yet for many others the temptation to escape to such remote destinations to find inner peace is far too often unfulfilled.

You know I love my scented candles, and I seriously missed out of the launch of the summer, when my favorite Danish scented candle brand Skandinavisk threw a summer garden party yesterday … in Copenhagen. I am in LA remember?

Anyway, as you might know, Skandinavisk names all their candles with words from the different Scandinavian languages. The three new candles are “lysning”, “rosenhave” & “heia” (Danish for ‘Forest Glade’, ‘Rose garden’ and Norwegian for ‘Heathland’).

I am sure I’ll love the scents, but also really love the new all-white packing. They will all premiere later this year, but you can already now check out more about the scents here.

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