10 House-Hunting & Home-Owner Tips to Help You Make the Right Choices

Sunday is for long mornings in bed and house hunting. I guess you all know I got a new apartment and will be moving next week, so before you go house hunting, checking out all the open houses in the area. In the hunt for the perfect house, it’s easy to get swept away by a home’s most charming details (the beautiful original wishbone oak floors) and play down the important stuff you’ll be kicking yourself for later (the price is over budget). And if you are touring multiple open houses each weekend, keeping everything straight can get complicated.

Set your priorities and streamline the house-hunting process early on, and you can breathe easier knowing you have a handle on things. It’s probably the most important purchase you will ever make, so take a few deep breaths and make a plan before diving in — you’ll be glad you did.

I teamed up with new Danish website MyHouse, a site that pretty much gives you all the details you want when shopping for a new home – but also amazing, if you are already a house owner, to learn more about the area you live in, I guarantee you’ll learn things you didn’t already know. I browsed through the site to find some of the coolest features. So move in to your house on MyHouse and get all the information about your house right now.


Check your loans, pulling data from banks while checking your mortgage loans, you’ll know in just 30 seconds, if your loans are right or wrong. I mean in just 10 secs you’ll know if you should start your day with a big celebratory brunch.

– See how much the houses in your neighborhood is worth, is my favorite feature. Check all houses and their value, compare your house to your neighbor.

Risk of burglary, is it time to install an alarm? Or should you move on to the next house on your house-hunting list?

Risk of flooding in your area. In resent years, flooding in certain areas has not been very pleasant for homeowners. Check out the risk of flooding or you might end up having to sail away with all your belongings floating around you.

Ground pollution. If you are planning a veggie garden, it might be good to know if you, as soon as you start digging, will find oily dirt beneath the surface.

District plans can be tricky to locate. Everything you need to know about the area you’ll find here.

– Gather all documents in your own online service book – upload them on your home page.

Closest school, from what I hear from friends with school age kids, this is important, but what I think is even cooler, you can see what the average grade of the school and its rating, how many students and how many actually finish school.

– Check previous sales and what the house sold for – are you actually making a good deal?

Stay on top of everything that’s going on around you, as soon as you sign up, you’ll start to receive mails about your area, news and changes in the district plans.



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  • Reply
    April 9, 2017 at 18:37

    Going to openhouses is far from the best approach. The best way is to find the area, type of home and price bracket etc. you are looking in and then contacting all the brokers in the area you are looking to get on to their list. There are a lot of homes that never get put up for public sale and get sold via pocket listings, so if you don’t want to miss out that is the way to go.

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    Erik Rosenkrantz
    April 9, 2017 at 22:15

    You should know that myhouse contains all houses in Denmark and that there is A bidding feature that does it possible to bid om any property wether it is for sale or NOT. Futhermore you Can see the expected value before you make your bid.

    We are Working om A feature where the system comes up With 3 properties it belives suites you!

    It is based on your economy, size of your family, where you work, where your kids go to School and where your friends live!!!

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