10 Interior Trends We All Obsessed About In 2016

Honestly there was not a lot of big surprises when it came to interior design, we did play it rather safe with trends we already knew and had fallen in love with in 2015. Most just got even bigger, like white marble and metallics. Newcomers, which I predict we will see a lot more of in 2017, are terrazzo and terracotta – and we just cannot get enought of our green friends.

Here is the list of 10 Interior Trends we simply couldn’t get enough of in 2016.



White Marble
White marble simply just took the interior decor by storm, this past year it just evolved into a massiv trend – we see it basically everywhere. All mayor design brand have a leas tone piece in marble and I still think a lot of you out there are dreaming about a huge piece of white marble as your kitchen counter top.

Brass won the metallic of the year. Every accessory can be found in brass these days. I am still a big fan, especially when it comes to the more vintage looking brass. I wouldn’t mind pimping up my new kitchen with brass details. And you might want to combine it with white marble for the perfect look.


Bungalow5_fermliving_plant box

Green Plants
Urban Jungle FTW!

Books you should get: Urban Jungle // House Of Plants // Living With Plants

Copper is on the move! But be careful, it quickly looks very cheap if it gets to shiny and glowy.

Anything Handmade
Basically we just want everything handmade, and even better, handmade locally.


You need at least one item in your house in velvet; a chair, a couch, or a pillow.

Not convinced, check out my 10 Reasons Why You Need Velvet In Your Home.

Look at the home of Peter Krasilnikoff and tell me you don’t want a terrazzo kitchen.

Bungalow5_Vivlio Shelf System_Skagerak_Triptrap_2

Open Shelving
Open shelving really works its charm in the kitchen. Many of us struggle with enough space in the cupboards and if displayed correctly, it looks amazing.

Need help? Read my 10 Tips On How To Style Your Open Kitchen Shelving Like A Pro.

Like copper terracotta is really on the move, only a few brands have realized this already, so if you want to be über trendy for a little bit, go get some of the warm redish material.

Terracotta is the must-have material in 2017.

Bungalow5_Grey Walls_1_5

No more white walls. Pretty much every trend on this list just looks even better with a little grey as the backdrop.

Get inspired with my 9 Reasons Why You Should Start Painting Your Walls Grey.







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