10 Things To Do On A Weekend In Copenhagen

I have a lot of friends passing through Copenhagen all the time, and sometimes its just friends of friends that want to explore the city, but don’t always know where to go. There are of course about a million guidebooks out there and just as many blog posts on what to do in Copenhagen. We all have our favorites and even though I have lived in this city for almost my entire life and had this blog for almost 7 years, I haven’t really compiled a proper travel guide for Copenhagen. I promise you it will happen eventually, but for now, here is my list of 10 things you have to do if you are here for a weekend or a few days visiting.


01. Botanical Gardens
No matter which season, or weather for that matter, I always bring my guests for a walk through the Botanical Gardens. It is so magical. And the walk around the more than 100 years old Palm House on sunny days the view of the gardens are breathe taking.

02. Visit a Local Coffee Shop
I am a huge coffee lover, and unless you love the big jugs of coffee from Starbucks, you’ll love Copenhagen. We like our roasted coffees intense and small. Pick between my favorite 8 according to neighborhood here.

03. Try a Classic Christmas Lunch
You cannot visit Copenhagen the next few months without trying a proper Danish Christmas lunch. For me, there is really only one place in town, Kronborg. If you are not visiting during the Christmas months, then try a proper Danish lunch same place. Great atmosphere, great staff and amazing food.

04.Explore Danish Architecture
While the city centre is full of many great buildings, you need to jump the metro to experience some of the mayor newer buildings. A favorite of mine is the 8 House, which is the ambitious ‘bow tie shaped’ house, developed by world renowned Danish architects Bjarke Ingels Group. Local tip: Best experiences around sunset, the reflections are out of this world. Just check out the Instagram account made just for the many great pics taken here.

05. Eat a Wednesday Cinnamon Roll
Sankt Peders Bageri is a rather hidden bakery, away from many tourists at least, but still very local. What makes this bakery so special is their amazing Onsdag Snegl (Wednesday cinnamon rolls), of which they bake 4000 each week. A local tip: come early and buy two, eat one immediately and safe one for a coffee stop later.

06. Get Inspired By Danish Interior Design
Denmark is know for their great design – so of course you cannot visit without visiting a bunch of great shops or showrooms. Visit my favorite 5 here.

07.Have Brunch on a Sunday
There are really only two places in Copenhagen where brunch on a Sunday is worth the wait – Wulf & Konstali and Møller. Unless you arrive right when they open, expect to wait at least 30-60 minutes for a table. Both with their build your own-style brunch, great interiors and excellent coffee.

08. Admire at Least One Church
There are a bunch of churches to visit in Copenhagen. My personal favorite, not really because of the church itself, but for the spire is Church of Our Savior. Its impressive twisting black and gold spire reaches 90-meters above street and for a smaller fee you can bravely climb to the very top of the spire (last part on the outside of the spire) for one of the best views of Copenhagen.

09. Shop for Local Men’s Wear
I am not a huge fan of clothes shopping, so I like shops where I know they have stuff I like always, and to be quite frank, there are really not that many great men’s wear shops in Copenhagen, I think. I like the local aspect, meaning Danish brands. Goods, is good for their ever-evolving collection featuring both well-known American brands, but also a larger collection of up-and-coming Danish designers. Also I always enjoy dropping in at NN07, not only is their store impeccable, but their clothes is simple in shape, affordable and great quality.

10. Inspiring Museum
Either you venture out of the city up north to explore Louisiana (it’s a ‘half a day’ trip from Copenhagen at least) por you visit the just as beautiful National Gallery Of Denmark – just behind the Botanical Gardens, win/win.





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    November 8, 2016 at 22:22

    You forgot Christiania! Thats one of my favorite places in Copenhagen! For music, nature and culture!

    • Reply
      November 9, 2016 at 12:05

      Haha… yeah maybe. I am honestly not a big fan of Christiania, it used to be a very nice place to go for, as you say, music, nature and culture – and food for that matter – but now, I don’t think its that great. It is extremely dirty and not as friendly as it used to be.

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