10 Tips For The Perfect Interior According to Kråkvik&D`Orazio

Today I have 10 amazing interior tips for you by Norwegian design duo Kråkvik&D`Orazio. In my quest to always push for keeping this blog fresh and interesting, and not just show what everyone else is doing, I am initiating a new blog series here on the blog.

I will share great interior tips by someone else than me. So many great stores, hotels or new collections by brands are shared all over the web, so I wanted to show them in a different way and light.

A little background first: Kråkvik&D’Orazio is a creative studio based in Oslo, Norway, run by Italian-born Alessandro D’Orazio and Oslo native Jannicke Kråkvik.

The studio works within interior styling, design and exhibitions, and develops ideas and concepts for commercial and editorial clients, some of which I have shown here and here.

Just last year the concept store Kollekted By in Oslo was the talk of town. It’s created and run by the two and will together with a few pictures from their gorgeous home work as the illustration of their 10 amazing interior tips for this first post in this returning blog series. I hope you enjoy.

  1. Make a mood board. Collect color and material samples and design your own mood board. Both fun and a good way to eliminate. Include everything from colors, materials, furniture and other technical but important details such as light switches, water mixer, shower, door handles etc.
  2. Paint doors and window frames in same color as walls. Like this you Will create a calmer frame around your interior.
  3. Choosing colors for your walls are never easy. Paint your favorites on a A1 cardboard and hang them on a wall. Study the color during the day, both day and evening. A color can often give a room the change and lift that you are looking for.

  1. Choosing a new wall color can change a look entirely without having to buy a complete new interior.
  2. Choose quality. Save up to your favorite pieces of furniture. You will love them longer.
  3. The fewer objects the Easier to make changes. Overfilled rooms are Harder to refurbish.

  1. Let your heart and eyes choose your details such as art and objects. We always sleep on it. It is almost always all in the details. The details should be personal and not overthought. It should be collected with love.
  2. Leave your bedroom as minimal as possible, choose a calm and mid dark color. You’ll both sleep better and wake up happier.

  1. Gather your smaller objects in your own still life settings and let there be pauses in between and always leave a wall naked. A famous architect once said: “The biggest luxury in a home is a naked wall”.
  2. Have fun and be yourself!

// Home photos by Lars Petter Pettersen

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    Kelly Perkins
    August 18, 2018 at 15:09

    Hi Allan, thank you for sharing this amazing interior design inspiration. I strongly agree with the role of color in the design of a room that can provide a certain atmosphere. Each color has its own character.

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