11 Reasons Why You Should Go On A Lux Mini Cruise


Last month I went on a cruise with Star Clippers in the Andaman Sea of the coast of Thailand and Malaysia. I was a tiny bit worried before I left Copenhagen, as I had all these ideas about how it would only be elderly people and I wouldn’t have time to see anything other than the inside of the ship and a lot of water. All far from the truth. If you are thinking about going on a cruise, then first go see my post and video about the actual trip, and then check out these reason why you should book your next holiday on a lux cruise ship.

Visit & explore wonderful, new, exciting, and different locations/cities without the hassle of packing & unpacking every day

No travel headaches figuring out how to get to/from each location. You basically go to sleep and wake up at a new location every morning.

Meet likeminded people, and form great friendships. Make sure to bring your a-game to the table the first couple of nights, as you are seated around bigger tables, be careful not being sat by an all-German table, if you don’t speak a word of German. Interact with people asap, that way you figure out who is funny and who’s a drag.

Relaxing holiday, where you can do as much or as little as you please. If you just want to lye on deck or the beach all day, you do that, if you want to be active, waterskiing, snorkeling, hiking, exploring, you do that.

Good food and wine. Pretty much everything is paid for upfront, at least the food. I am sure you can actually go for the all-inclusive version too. The variety of great food and wine was actually one of my biggest surprise – real good food y’all.

Experience first hand, life on a tall ship. If you want, you are more than welcome to help setting the sails every afternoon.

Avoid the possible over-crowding issues associated with the larger cruise ships. Star Clippers is a smaller lux cruise ship with room for only 170 guests, I am not sure I could handle a 3000 guest ship.

Star gazing. The amount of stars you can see from deck at night is extreme.

Cruising on a smaller ship means you can explore the smaller and more isolated locations that the larger cruise liners cannot reach, like a lot of great, very private beaches.

It is like one big family onboard, you quickly get to know the staff.

Relax! Onboard, you just relax, hanging with the peps you have met or arrived with, safe your energy for the daily activities.

I was invited by the Star Clippers, which means they covered all expenses in relation to my 7 day trip, flights excluded

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