11 Things I Learnt From the New Skagerak Catalogue

If you haven’t checked out the new Skagerak catalogue (they call it Island Stories) I really encourage you to do so, not only is it packed with gorgeous photos of the massive collection, but you’ll also find a number of very compelling stories from local people living in Gotland. Skagerak headed out on an adventure to the island of Gotland on the east coast of Sweden in search of the wonder that can be found in the smaller things. Gotland serves not only as the breath-taking backdrop for the 2017 Skagerak Stories, but also brings us a bunch of great stories on traditions, local gastronomy, and contemporary living. Anyway, here is a list of things I learnt from reading the new catalogoue.



01. Visit Gotland – as in asap omg it is outstanding picturesque.



02. Use Brass Trays As Saucers – I really like the roughness of the outdoor flower pots, but instead of using clay saucers, sass up the pot with some bling bling.



03. Bake Gotlandslimpa – that’s a classic Gotland rye bread. Looks delics, I almost just liked the page.



04. Wild flowers – I am so over arranged bouquet



05. Terracotta! – The material and the colour – just love!



06. Simple small tables – perfect for that empty space in the corner or in front of your couch.



07. Daybeds – they can be tricky. I know so many people that jumped the daybed trend we have seen the last couple of years, but they actually never use it for anything. So basically they just wasted a stack of cash. Skagerak’s new daybed Pulse designed by Norwegian design studio Noidoi, is extra great because you can add that sweet magazine holder – and it looks (and feels – yeah I have seen it live) amazing.



08. Georg Jubilee Stool – as we didn’t already love Chris L. Halstrøm Georg collection enough, Skagerak decides to make this jubilee version (in celebration of Skagerak’s 40th anniversary) equipped with a rare cushion made of aniline leather from a Swedish tannery called Tärnsjö.



09. Get myself a house with a huge garden – I am that age where you appreciate a quiet private corner in the middle of a huge green wilderness.



10. Sild Tray – as I am not seeing myself owning an apartment with an original herringbone floor, this new tray/cutting board will do just fine.




11. Buy an old mill – could this setting look any better for the perfect late summer gathering with friends? Needless to say, I need to own the perfect straw hat as well of course.


That’s my list. Love love love! What do you? Want to timeshare an old mill in Gotland with me?



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