12 Super Fast Table Setting Ideas You Want to Copy at Your Next Dinner Party

Setting a table can be quite challenging, you want something that stands out, something that got that wow factor, without you having to spend all day preparing. Last week I attended an event for Hill Street, where everyone got the challenge to set their own seat for dinner – we got 10 minutes. Here is 12 quick ideas you can make your own for your next dinner party.

I like challenges like that, especially as the table setting is always something I end up doing sort of last minute, as I spend way too much time cleaning and preparing the food. Somehow, I always think I am head chef of Noma and need to serve up 10 courses.

I say, don’t be afraid of mixing up your different sets of plate, it quickly becomes very matchy matchy if you use the same white plate for all courses. Mix it up! Add nice fabric napkins, be creative in your folding or add more than one for the extra color. And for the final touch, add flowers – if you are not the world’s best florist, then just do as me and pick 3-4, tie them together, and voila.

Remember it should be fun. Don’t take everything too seriously. You are entertaining in your own home and it is not a restaurant, so don’t try to make it into one. Everything doesn’t have to be perfectly aligned. The best meals and evenings are those where people are themselves and relaxed – make it homey, make it you.

If you want even more of my tips for the perfect table setting, check out my tips in this post I did with iittala, which might say New Year’s eve, but my tips works any day.

And if you are really starting from scratch, then here is 14 chairs thats perfect for any dining table.

Now go invite someone over for dinner this weekend, enjoy!


//Top photo by Allan Torp, rest by Iben Kaufmann

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    April 12, 2018 at 14:57

    Thats right Allan! No matter how masculine your place is, you can’t ignore plants!

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    April 13, 2018 at 08:17

    Lovely and inspirational. Thanks Allan


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