14 Travel Essentials To Bring On A Flight Abroad

This year I have travelled about 20+ times, where half of my trips have been 10+ hour flights, and I have a few more to go. Next week I am off to Los Angeles and San Francisco and then Cape Town in December.

Long flights can be quite draining on mood, your skin and if you don’t pack the right gear and gadgets, a 10 hour flight can feel never ending. And no matter how exhausting the flight might be you do want to arrive fresh (looking) and stunning at your destination.

On most flights you are only allowed to bring 8 kg bags on board, so pack light and find a carry-on bag that weigh nothing – my faithful lite-cube Samsonite has been with be around the world. I know you often see people dragging more than 1 bag with them on the flight, but chances are that there is not enough overhead luggage space is high, so you could end up sitting with one bag between your legs – and for me at least, being 6’3” – is a nightmare.


Compression Socks
This is without a doubt the unsexiest thing to bring on long flights, but they are oh so necessary on those long flights, if you are 35+. At least I have found a pair that at least looks decent, fits perfectly and can be worn on your travels, as they are pretty comfy. Item m6 is German engineered high-tech, innovative leg wear. They fit your leg like a second skin without slipping or cutting in.

Moisture Spray + Moisture Mask
We all know the air on a plane is so dry, which just makes your skin super dry, so if you do not want to dry up like a raisin, bring a moisture spray. I always bring the Mineralizing Thermal Water by Vichy, which gives a stronger barrier and healthier looking skin, and the Immediate Moisture Facial Hydrosol by Aesop, which is ideal for fatigued skin. They just give you that instant freshness, really well after your sleep or just before arrival. Another product I really love on long flights, and during the long dark winter days in Copenhagen, is the new moisture mask by Nuori. It is perfect, because it’s like a facial cream, which can be used overnight or for a quick up in just 15 minutes. When applied it absorbs into your skin, so no one will notice you are wearing a mask… until they can’t understand how you can look so fresh and they can’t.

Eye + Face Cream
The awakening eye cream by Vichy is a gift from the gods when you’re travelling long haul. Puffy and big baggy eye are just gone in seconds. Top it all of with the night spa also by Vichy, just to avoid fatigue looking skin. I mean no one want to look like an old, sad handbag when arriving.

Headphones + Adapters
Active noise cancellation on-ear headphones! If you are travelling on economy always remember to bring your own adapters, very often you need a double jack plug to use your own headphones. And they don’t pass them on economy; they do pass out worthless headphones though. You know me, I like to travel in style and the Beoplay H6, is just perfect.

Sleeping Mask + Earplugs
I would never travel without, they are both so light, so I just leave this in my hand luggage for everywhere I travel to. These are a gift from the gods when you’re travelling long haul, it really makes a big difference. Often the flight wants you to sleep when its night at the destination you came from, which really doesn’t make sense. So must haves if you want a good night’s sleep or a quick nap at anytime to beat the jetlag. I know you often find them on your seat on the plane, but you can never be too sure, so my advise bring you own always.

Sleeping/relaxing pills
Sleeping pills is a little bit controversial, but if you want to fight of that jetlag, I definitely recommend always pack a few. Depending on time of flight and arrival, I always try to get some sleep on the flight, so I pretty much adjust to the actual time of day at destination. Often I don’t really have any issues sleeping on a flight, this just helps me not waking up because someone bumps into your seat – my routine is often, start a movie a soon as possible, wait for the first meal to be served, eat and have a drink with your pill. Put on sleeping mask and earplugs, and cover myself more or less completely with blankets.

Book + Podcast
I can only watch a couple of movies on a long flight, so when you find yourself waking up from you sleep and you’ve already watch one or two movies, a book or a great podcast can be a very good distracting and time killer. The podcast can also be a good one to have you falling asleep. I really enjoy the daily podcasts from Monocle or Jason Moore from travel chats.

Extras things to remember
I’m one of those thirsty passengers on the plane, always having to go to the back of the cabin for more water. To remedy these trips I pack a reusable bottle that can go through security and refilled as many times as I want.

Remember you can only bring fluids, if they are less than 100 ml. and only as many as you can fit into a 1-liter see-through zip lock bag, I find that Danish brand Nomess are great for all those extra essentials. For one, I love their toiletry bag, which is just the perfect size for toothpaste, toothbrush, those earplugs and all those non-fluids.



Have I forgotten anything? What do you always bring on those long flights?


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    February 10, 2017 at 20:32

    This is a great post. I travel often as well and am always looking for tips to improve it.

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      February 12, 2017 at 01:47

      I hope this helps – I pack all of it everytime I travel.

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