18-century Chapel Turned Into Amazing Villa

Sending you all some nice sunny weather from Copenhagen today. A heatwave hit us this week with temperatures hitting 25+ degrees (that’s in the high 70s for you Americans). This home is really something out of the ordinary, in fact it was built as a chapel in the late 1800s by Gustaf Wickman. A few years ago, Långbro chapel, as it is called, got a fantastic transformation thanks to the architect Andreas Martin-Löf and the current owner’s feeling, drive and good taste.

Now, the chapel is a villa of 170 square meters of living space located in a lush little park. Obviously, the chapel’s huge church windows, allows a lovely light, and thanks to the foliage outside throws beautiful patterns on the pompous stone floor. The inspiration for the green wall and joinery colors, which are consistently downstairs, come from the color scheme from the early turn of the century.

The darker green tone throughout is inspired by the color scheme from the early turn of the century. I absolutely love the layout; the super high-ceilings downstairs with the most amazing stone floor with a natural patina; the many built-in bookshelves and clever storage; the sunroom with access to the patio; and of course, the many historic signs, like the round windows and the copper roof.

This historic home certainly hits all the marks – in fact it is for sale – and it’s even within walking distance to the yearly Stockholm furniture fair.

Photography by Fredric Boukari courtesy Historiska Hem

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