19th Century Apartment Berlin

Bungalow5_Apartment Berlin_2

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It’s been awhile since I really saw a home that really inspired me. These days they all look pretty much the same I think.

I love the dramatic feeling you get from this apartment, the colour scheme, the knick-knack, the flooring and especially those shelves.

Bungalow5_Apartment Berlin_5

Bungalow5_Apartment Berlin_6

Bungalow5_Apartment Berlin_7

I love the mix of new design and vintage furniture. The use of lamps and the simplicity throughout the entire apartment is just perfect. It never gets doll or too minimalistic, which is really a phase/trend that should be left in the 00s. It’s all about personality and showing whom you are these days, so we welcome quirky items.

Bungalow5_Apartment Berlin_8

Bungalow5_Apartment Berlin_9

Bungalow5_Apartment Berlin_10

Interior Design & Styling by Annabell Kutucu
Photography by Claus Brechenmacher

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