19th Century Flowers Flourish in New Made-to-Measure Floral Wallpapers

It can hardly come to anyone’s surprise that plants are a big trend in interiors right now. Maybe you’re a natural born plant killer. Or you live in the city, but prefer the jungle? Or perhaps you just have a serious love of the outdoors. If your answer to any of these is yes, then prick up your ears, as Sweden’s leading wall murals manufacturer, Photowall, has teamed up with Martin Bergström on creating a collection of made-to-measure floral wallpapers.

By the age of three, Martin Bergström already knew the definitive book on Nordic flora, Den Nordiska Floran, inside and out, and his fascination with flowers has only increased since. Over the years, his intense interest in flora has manifested into a collection of preserved plants that is constantly growing. Recently, it has come to include over 1000 flowers, with the oldest flower originating from the early 19th century.


“I see this wallpaper collection as an opportunity for one small flower to bloom yet again and continue its timeline,” says Martin Bergström.


I love how Martin Bergström integrated different flora into the 5 unique wallpaper patterns in the collection in a natural way yet retained much drama in the process, which clearly showcases the artistry behind the collection and makes Flora Hysterica a perfect fit for every room that need a little drama.

If I had to pick a favorite motif out of all the Flora Hysterica wallpapers here, I’d say the darker ones are the winners. I would prefer these in smaller doses, I could easily see a welcoming wall in an entryway or a backdrop in a kitchen with one of these patterns.

// Photos by Allan Torp & Photowall

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