2016 here we come!

Last day of 2015 time to make that list of resolutions. I have spent the last couple days thinking about what I wanted out of the past year, what succeeded and what didn’t, what I liked to have done, but never did. I like to reminisce, as I think it will make me a better person, asking myself what worked and what didn’t. This past year have been the best year for me personally and blog wise. Even though with the changes with the new look for the blog and saying goodbye to Tine, have made a little drop in the readership, I am still very lucky that so many of you out there keep reading.

Looking back is good – looking ahead is even better. 2016 is already looking to be a fantastic year, more work, more travel and other exciting news are already in the books, that is why it is so important to set some goals, or making that list of resolutions, no matter how cheesy it may seems. Sit down, think for 10 minute and start your list. Of course I cannot just leave you with that, so here is my list.

Tomorrow I will take you through 2015 with the most memorable Instagram pictures and I’ll start the year looking at trends for 2016.


Drink less wine (but never nothing at all)

Be a better uncle

Enjoy a proper holiday

Appreciate the now

Run on the beach as much as possible

Swim in the ocean as much as possible

Get a six-pack

Drink wine in Cape Town

Eat Mexican in Mexico

Hike in Los Angeles

Workout in Lanzarote

Surprise people

Work harder

Leave my phone at home, just once in a while

Go to the movies more often

Do a blog post at least 6 times a week

Travel more

Tell my parents I love them

Tell my sister I love her

Have more fun

Shake things up – if needed

Be a passionate person

Laugh out loud!

Get others to laugh out loud


Get others to smile

Spend more time with my friends

Have coffee with Rossana Orlandi



I guess all there is left now is – HAPPY NEW YEAR!!



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