2017 Trends: China: The New Scandinavia


Knockoffs are no longer China’s (main) thing. The pioneering and populous nation is taking back the reins and instead of doing the groundwork for some of the worlds biggest brands, it’s taking things “in-house”, so to speak. From electronics and mobile phones to fashion and design, China is pushing to be recoignised on the global stage. The gap from East to West seems smaller and smaller and we definitely seeing the Asian aesthetics on the move with global influencers reinterpret the attitude and form. With one leg in Scandinavian silhouettes and another in the long-standing Chinese craft traditions, we are looking at some pretty amazing head-turning contemporary pieces. Turn your attention towards Chinese brands making headway like Stellar Works, Neri&Hu and Zao Zuo.



Pictures via Stellar Works, Zao Zuo & Ilenia Martini


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