2017 Trends: Simpler, But Smarter Living


Predicting what’s going to be big the coming year is always difficult, but I will give it my best anyway. For the past decade or so, good craftsmanship has been high on the list, when purchasing new furniture, and while we during the financial crises in the end of 00s really learnt to safe our money and go less is more, we have totally turned that around these past years into the worst kind of use and throw away. Luckily many are starting to realize that we really cannot keep up with this, so future consumers will seek products with a higher meaning and a purpose.

We will start to furnish our homes in a simpler, but smarter way. Start to think about what you really need before purchasing new stuff. I am moving to a new apartment in April, which will be the perfect change to go over everything I have piled up the last few years.

Key words: Zero Waste, Design-to-order and conscious living & recycle



Photos via September Edit, Reform, Archmospheres & Erik Jørgensen



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