25 Décor Gifts Your Mom Will Love On Mothers Day

With mother’s day just around the corner, I thought I would share a list of gifts inspiration that would be the perfect gift to appreciate your mom on Sunday. I know interior and I know my mom loves when I bring her something for her house or summerhouse, so of course, this list of gifts is all décor gifts. I am sure your mom will love one or more of these 25 items too.

  1. Fresh and aromatic Black pepper and lemongrass hand wash
  2. Elegant drinking glasses with a beautiful silhouette from the Hammershøi collection
  3. Cute little vase with a green blue glaze
  4. Decorative plate in solid marble – remember to bring homemade cake.
  5. Limited edition graphic illustration
  6. Small floral note book for notes and dreams
  7. Lavender is one of my favorite scents, spread lavender all over the house with this handmade candle
  8. Sculptural yellow glazed vase by Anders Arhøj perfect for spring flowers
  9. The best kitchen cloth (according to me) in 100% linen
  10. Oh so cute wooden pair of sparrows
  11. These Alpaca-blend pillow covers combine Scandinavian simplicity with traditional Peruvian techniques and materials
  12. A Vipp tray thats is ideal for carrying foods and drinks or oils and herbs in the kitchen
  13. Small simple fair trade produced ceramic vase
  14. Artsy teatowels with a natural vibe
  15. A green plant for the garden planted in the architectural wire pot
  16. This beautiful indoor copper watering can‘s one’s patina just gets better with time.
  17. This one is a stunner in any kitchen – and its even on sale RN
  18. Great start box for the Urban Garden – maybe you can plant the seeds together on Sunday
  19. Handmade cups in stoneware with a Japanese aesthetics and Danish functionality
  20. Ikat pattern, jute material, indigo colour, fair trade all in one tote bag, yes please!
  21. In the days when love was shamelessly romantic and best savoured in black and white, spread love with Lempi
  22. The Stem Vase rethinks the classic design of the traditional vase and puts the focus back on the flower
  23. Candle holder featuring the Räsymatto motif in black for a single candle
  24. Fill this glass bonbonniere with cute candy or sweet sweet chocolate
  25. With mom by your side things will always work out in the end


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