3 LA Interior Brands with Scandi Appeal You Should Know

Local production has become even more evident the last few months. Productivity might not be closed anymore, but transportation of furniture from around the world has proven to be very challenging for many brands. It may come to a surprise to you, but many of the best-known Danish brands do not manufacture much in Denmark anymore. Many in Asia, many in Eastern or Southern Europe depending on what they make. I would mind seeing brands bringing the production back to a local market, manufacturing cost might be higher, and it might bring up the prices too. But in reality, a lot of brands are just making a lot more money as the markup prices are a lot higher these days than the used to be.

Today, I found three LA based brands, who all produce locally, and all have a Scandi vibe. I am sure you’ll love them.


Michaele Simmering and Johann Pauwen of Kalon Studios, a husband-wife duo who design everything for their brand personally at their LA home. They have everything manufactured in workshops who specialize in wood production in Pennsylvania. Their work is stunningly beautiful and crafted with the utmost attention to detail and material. The idea behind Kalon is to create the simplest, but most elevated version of an everyday object, one that you would keep for your whole life. Everything is sourced and produced sustainably with the highest standards and using the highest quality materials – usually American hard woods. In short, it’s the height of sustainable luxury.

They just debut their first dedicated living room collection being their first new collection in two years. The new collection, which consists of a new sofa, daybed, chair, coffee table, side table and bookshelf, is called Rugosa (“beach rose”). It’s named after a summer home in Rhode Island which served as a creative retreat for artists and scholars for decades. The collection is meant to evoke the same breeze-filled living space of the home and to inspire lively conversation and equally serve as a solace for quiet study and reflection.

From its raw materials to its finishes and upholstery, the collection utilizes solid, all-natural materials that enrich rather than deplete resources.  Beyond this, Kalon works to ensure all of their pieces are manufactured in one place and then shipped upon completion, minimizing the carbon output compared with typical production.

Stephen Kenn

Stephen Kenn and Beks Opperman operates their design studio in DTLA focusing on exceptional goods for home and travel with a kind rock and roll appeal. Think leather, canvas and steel. While Beks sets the longterm goals for the team and runs the day to day operations, Stephen is the mastermind behind all the designs. Each design project begins by seeking out good materials and experimenting with new techniques.

Their home designs range from upholstered seating to dining tables and chairs, beds, a newer outdoor seating and table collection. It is very important to Stephen and Beks to support the local community of craftsmen and fabricators, many of whom are immigrants or came from little, but are working to build their own small businesses.

A few years ago they completed a unique showroom loft in downtown Los Angeles, a place where they of course share their work and the work of a few partner brands in an intimate and personal setting – in fact you can even rent it for overnight stays.

Croft House

Founded in 2010 out of a garage on Croft Avenue – hence the name – Croft House aims to encompass the sophisticated, relaxed feel of the California lifestyle through their handmade pieces of furniture. Croft is timeless pieces and manufactured locally in Southern California, each piece is handmade with great attention to detail and a distinct focus on the individual processes involved. Longevity and craftsmanship are prioritized through the selection of only the highest quality materials available.

When they first began, they were mainly refinishing and reinventing reclaimed pieces, and the look had a more industrial vibe overall. Today, it is lighter and brighter, and their modern California style really puts them on the map.

Scale and proportion are what Croft House is all about, its all clean lines, but also mixed materials – especially the leather detailing you see in the Carter Console is stunning.

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