3 Local Brands To Visit In Leipzig

Last weekend I boarded, first a plane, next a train, as I was on a venture to Leipzig to visit their Designers Open (which to your Danes reading is a bit like FindersKeepers). The best way to describe it is probably; a venue full of local designers and store showing of their works and collections.

Leipzig is a fun character, and I use the term fun rather loosely, but Marina (co-founder of The Leipzig Global) did everything she could showing me the best of the best of the city. We saw a lot of the city, east and west, and even went off-route checking out some abandoned buildings (I will share a little guide to Leipzig very soon), not sure if Marina was all as adventures I was, but she was a trooper.

Anyway back to Designers Open. Honestly, the venue itself was with my Nordic eyes, probably the most interesting, a congress hall built in 1900 and recently renovated, gorgeous building, both inside and outside. When that said, I did of course find a good selection of locals I want to share a bit about. For full disclosure, I saw the brands at the Designers Open, but wanted to see more, so when to visit their stores/workshops around the city.


01. VIU eyewear
You know me, I am a sucker for anything handmade and local produced things, and as I am travelling to sunny places these coming months, new sunnies seems convenient. VIU eyewear is Swiss, but still showing at Designers Open – and I was told that there store in town was worth a visit, so I went and I surely wasn’t disappointed.



02. FlamingoCat
Okay, first, how amazing is that name? FlamingoCat. Meow! Its handmade geometric jewellery made in Leipzig. And no, I am not looking to stock up on new earrings, but I was just intrigued by the forms – and the fact that the workshop (and store) is inside this beautiful, old building which used to house a butcher’s shop.



03. tombox
diefabrik tracks down and collects seemingly useless speakers and convert them into battery powered portable stereos – and of course you can also connect your phone. Each tombox (love that name) us a unique piece with a serial number and its own sound characteristics.






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