3 Vacuum Cleaner Reviews Made Sexy By Readers

Reviews and tests of gadgets is not something I have done in a long time. Not the easiest to do in a super sexy way without it getting too boring. Last week, three different, new Electrolux vacuum cleansers were dropped at my doorstep; a small round robot one, a stick one, and the biggest one with a tube. I could easily have just tested them all, but I thought, why not let the 3 readers try them out. I found three different people with different needs to help me test the vacuum cleaners, so remember these review are made by the testers, not me.

Robot Cleaner Pure i9 – tested by Stefan & Peter
The two guys live in a open plan apartment with their dog, Paul. Every second week their cleaning lady takes care of business, so with a dog, they do have to vacuum in between visits. They already have an older model of an Electrolux robot cleaner, so I gave them the challenge to test the new model.

  • The actual setup of the robot cleaner is super easy, and done via the app and barcode on the back of the vacuum cleaner.
  • The Pure i9 cleaner’s sound level is lower than our old model.
  • It seems like the Pure i9 is better to find its way around the apartment, and doesn’t run into walls and furniture as much as our old model. Quite frankly we were often very nervous that we would end up with broken furniture and marked walls with our old model, that’s certainly not the case with the new Pure i9.
  • We also want to highlight the timer function, it is really smart and easy to use and setup.
  • We really like the size, it is smaller, and actually also a lot prettier than what we have been use to. We might actually kick the old model to the curb and get this new model asap.


Stick Cleaner Ergorapido – tested by Lars
Lars just moved into a bigger apartment, and also gets a visit by a cleaning lady every other week. His apartment is older, so full of quirky corners and old creaking floors. He spends majority of his time in his big open kitchen with a huge dining table, so naturally it tends to get more dirty here than rest of the house. I challenged him to test the stick cleaner.

  • Unwrapping and the manual is simple and really easy to understand. The use of the vacuum cleaner is also very simple and very intuitive.
  • The stick cleaner is great for the daily, quick cleaning. You simply just take out the cleaner from the charger, hit on and they you are on full on cleaning mode. You never have to pull out a heavy cleaner from the closet dealing with cords. You get the freedom to move around with no limitations without having to change plugs or a cord that wind up around furniture.
  • It is perfect for a quick, superficial daily cleaning on hard floors.
  • I love the integrated hand held vacuum cleaner, which is great for the couch or the bookcase.
  • All in all a very good vacuum cleaner, which fulfill what I expected and a great supplement to a regular cleaner, when you want to take care of the quick cleaning minutes before your guests arrive.


Vacuum Cleaner Pure9 – tested by Robert & Trine
Robert and Trine live in a 3 bedroom old apartment in Copenhagen, with old floors and higher panels. Trine leaves the vacuuming to Robert, who takes care of business while Trine dusts the rest of the apartment.

  • The suction capacity is amazing, and it comes with many different settings depending on surface you want to vacuum, i.e. hard floor, carpets, tiles etc.
  • It is very easy to use, and the instructions makes in very uncomplicated. It is also very easy to assemble without even looking in the instructions.
  • You can really feel its made of quality materials, which also makes it a bit heavy, but rather heavy and great materials than something that you know wont last very long. The design is very nice including the big wheels which makes it easy to navigate around.
  • I would definitely recommend this vacuum cleaner to people with larger homes, as it is just perfect for larger areas, especially with the big tube handle for navigation.


So there you have it guys, a full-on test of three very different vacuum cleaners for very different needs. Depending on your needs, I am sure you can find one that suits just you and your home.

Photos by Allan Torp

Paid partnership with Electrolux. Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for supporting collaborations that I am excited about and that have kept Bungalow5’s doors open.

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