4 Easy Steps To Get Your Home Spring Ready

Last day of Easter, but hey, it still a day off on a Monday. Yay! 4 working days and then its the weekend again. And now that spring is finally here, I guess we cant really put of the spring cleaning anymore. With my move I have decluttered like never before, which I actually think you should do at least ones a year. You never really know how much stuff you accumulate until you have to start packing everything.

There are actually a lot benefits from a decluttered home. The obvious one is you are getting a beautiful, clean home and maybe even better, a clean home boost your energy and happiness. Just think about how frustrating it is coming home, having to step over piles of shoes and bags in your hallway. So you know what, I know its probably not how you want to spend your last day of this long holiday, but I tell you, when done, you will thank me. I have rounded up a little how to get started list for you to start decluttering.

A good old advice to prevent clutter says: “Everything must have its own space”. That may be very true and work most of the time, but it really comes down to, us having to much stuff. We simply buy too much.

I guess it starts with you buying stuff you think you need, but do you really? Next time you are thinking about buying something, ask yourself: Is it something I need or is it something to replace another thing that is broken? And especially when it comes to accessories: Where would this thing fit? What joy will this thing bring compared to all the other things that I already have?

Lets get started with the decluttering. The better you get asking yourself the questions above, the less you need to declutter. Decluttering is all about sorting and piling.


I sort into these 4 piles:

01. Save
This is the stuff that has a specific function or has special sentimental value. Remember that you don’t necessarily need a lot of things with the same function (how many bottle openers do I really need?). Things with sentimental value, such as heirlooms, can be hard to get rid of. I always try to ask myself if I use it and remember that I don’t need 15 different things to remember my grandmother by. A tea set in use has a much higher value than an object gathering dust in the back of a closet.

02. Sell
It’s always nice to make some extra cash, if you sort out things that have value and can be sold. Be realistic! Don’t get greedy. It all comes down to you wanting to get rid of this particular item, so why bargain too much and potentially loose the buyer. No, just sell it.

03. Recycle
Here are the things you can’t or don’t have the energy to spend time selling. These things are for recycling or to give away. On Facebook you can even find groups where you can give things away – and the new owner will even come to collect it. It doesn’t get any easier. If you end up with many things in this category, consider how you are going to reduce your (over)consumption in the future – and be happy that others can benefit from your stuff.

As little as possible, but things that are broken or worn out, belongs in this category.


It’s that easy. Go find a cool playlist and start sorting. Enjoy.

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