4 Plants That Will Easily Grow in Pots on any Balcony

Hi guys. It’s been a few windy days here in Copenhagen, which unfortunately means no balcony time for this fella. But with the warmer days we have already had and with summer just around the corner, its finally time to really get those outdoor spaces growing. As you know I have already started with my own little balcony sanctuary and about a million pots – there is always room for one more it seems.

I am by no means an expert, but more like a happy garden buff. I do know, you can certainly start to easy, but with Mother’s Day last weekend, the possibility for nights below freezing are very low. I know, that just like your indoor plants needs attention, your outdoor plants need to be nursed, watered and fertilized once in a while. One very easy thing to just remember, the bigger the plant, the more water. Also bear in mind, if there is a lot of direct sun or if its windy, you should water more frequently, without it being a total water fountain. However, most plants in pots actually like it better on the dry side than on the wet side.

My experience tells me that most goes when it comes to planting in pots. Most plants grow very well in pots, even tree bigger than yourself.

I asked my plant guru Greenify founder Michala Kjær-Holm about which plants she would recommend this season to get you started:

Hydrangea – is a big favorite. It flowers for a very long time with big and bold flowers, which will add color and joy to any balcony.  It thrives in full sun, rain and frost – and it even doesn’t mind a windy spot.

Dwarf Lilacs – is another big favorite. It smells amazing – and is perfect a balcony. You can go for a normal lilac too, just expect that it will eventually outgrow your balcony.

Herbs – the easiest thing ever and a must on any sized balcony. I guarantee you; your food will taste way better using your own fresh herbs. Grow them in pots or in a window box.

Fruit Trees and Berry Bushes – it’s really the biggest achievement growing your own food, even on a balcony. Some apple tree has even been grown to thrive in a pot on a balcony. Black current, strawberries, blue berries, fig, olive and lemons all thrive very well in pots – however, it depends on where you live if you’ll be able to grow fruit. Obviously, lemon tree won’t survive a cold winter, and you might not see many lemons and figs ripe in colder climates. But they are still very pretty to have.

Tomorrow I will share pics from my own private balcony.

Top image via Lene Ostenfeldt, Photo Anders Schønnemann

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