5 Places To Visit This Summer – 2017 Version

Have you booked your summer holiday already? As you know I am leaving for Los Angeles next week, and I very excited to spend the entire summer in very warm LA. As I am on the West coast I am planning to do a few long weekend trips around rest of US, but I really also want to visit Mexico and Canada, Vancouver more specifically.

I have done these kind of travel round ups a few times, and it seems like you really enjoy them. My 5 Places To Visit This Summer from last year was one of the most read posts last year, so why not do a 2017 version.

Last weekend I asked my Instagram followers, if they could go to any destination RN, where would they go – and I love the answers, so many took the time to answer, thank you for that. Morocco is on the top of many bucket lists – including mine.


Honolulu, Hawaii
I went a couple of years ago, but I am dying to go back. As far as I can tell, it has changes a lot already and the Kaka’ako neighborhood should just be one of many great artsy areas to visit with a lot of murals by Pow!Wow! Though I was not a fan of the very touristy Waikiki, the new pool at Surfjack Hotel & Swim Club should be very nice – and you gotta love a great graphic mural at the bottom of a pool that reads “Wish You Were Here”.


Jackson Hole, Wyoming
This one is a little outsider, but just because I am pretty close on August 21, this spot should be the best spot to experience the first in almost 40 years total solar eclipse to be visible from the US. Though the main event will only last for about 2 minutes, Jackson Hole should be a great place for hiking and other outdoor activities.


Okavango Delta, Botswana
I am not at all done with Africa – and while Morroco is still very high on my list I am dying to visit other parts of Africa that is not as westernized as the North part. Botswana is just north of South Africa, which you know I love and I have visited about 5 times, so on my next trip to Africa, I want to explore other countries. Botswana should be an amazing spot to spot the big 5 – so I would mind luxing it up a bit in the middle of the Okavango Delta.


Western Washington
Just somewhere between Vancouver and Seattle. I like the big cities, but I do like nature too. In Western Washington you can have it all, beaches, mountains, forests, small towns and bigger cities. The food scene should be amazing too, a lot of farm-to-table. So on my trip to Vancouver this summer, I might take a 4 hour drive across the US boarder down to Seattle.


Berlin, Germany
I love Berlin, I have already been a number of times, but since its so close to Copenhagen, I feel like it is time to go again soon. I actually just booked a weekend with friends mid October. I love Berlin for its versatility, how easy it is to explore on foot and just enjoy the many great restaurants, the art scene and the people.

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