5 Steps for Creating the Perfect Home Office

I am hitting just 6 years of working from home full time and living in multiple apartment throughout I have tried many different solutions from turning the dining table into a desk to having a room for a proper room – and everything in between. Together with my friends at PaustianI borrowed furniture to create this office setup. Paustian is the lead seller of a wide range of Danish and international brands, like Vitra, which is what you see most of in the pictures.

For me it is important to have a place I can dedicate to work, a place where I can come and go and not worry about tidying every time, in LA that means I have turned a shed into my home office, making it my space. It makes sense because the house itself is relatively small and it is nice to be able to step out into another space for work. In Copenhagen I have a room in my apartment set up as an office, it is a constant work in progress. It is the room I change the most.

I created this office setup with the help from my friends at Paustian, the lead seller of a wide range of Danish and international brands, like Vitra, which is what you see most of in the pictures.


Whether you work from home or just need a weekend workspace, it’s important to create an area that enhances your productivity but also blends together the elements of professionalism, comfort, and personality. Getting a home office right can be difficult but there are key details and features you can add to your home office to make it a space you’ll always want to work in.

Keep it minimal

As mentioned, many times before, I am nowhere near being a true minimalist, I can keep it tidy most of the time, but especially my office tends to be on the messier side. Keeping it minimal helps me control the mess and steer around total disaster.

Comfort is key

I have made the mistake of choosing design over comfort, huge mistake. I have never gone the other way, choosing only comfort over design – or even worse, those ergonomic correct chairs (or balls) that supposedly makes you sit up straight. Don’t go there either. Luckily you can get both. Opt for a chair that you basically do not want to leave. A chair you miss when you leave for a coffee break. A chair you would to roll to the dinner table if you could. Ok, you get the picture. Choose a chair that is extremely comfortable, but also looks great,

Neutral-colored styling and decor

Another thing people struggle with is styling their home office. Use neutral tones in your

workspace, incorporating modern, industrial and Scandi styles. Be creative and don’t be afraid to add some picture frames and indoor plants to soften the room, but nothing to distract from the purpose of your office – like a TV.

Storage solutions

Storage solutions are a vital part of creating and keeping a clean and positive work environment. One of the best ways to make use of the space is adding shelving and organizers to sort any loose documents. In other words, make sure you have somewhere to hide everything, so you can keep up the illusion of being a total minimalist, when you have friends over who insists on the grand tour of your entire home and totally ignores the “keep out” signs on the office door.

Adding a personal touch

Finally, along with the right colors, details, and style, it’s equally important to include your own personal touch, as it is in the rest of your home. I am all for adding items that tells a story about you. Everyone has a different style and way of going about their work.

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