5 Tips On How To Dress Up Your Dining Room The Scandi Way

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I always run around like a headless chicken minutes before my guests arrive, trying to get my living/dining room look somewhat presentable. My big table is mostly used for anything other than dining actually, so clearing it from work and all my piles minutes before a dinner party can be quite the struggle. I have mastered this rutine though, throwing everything on the table into a cupboard and following these 5 easy tips to get in all ready for the perfect Scandi dinner.


Candleholder – The quickest (and easiest) centrepiece you can throw on the table is a nice candleholder. The cheapest way is to have a group of nice single candleholder set in a group or spread out throughout the table, options could be ferm living cool marble ones for either tea lights or regular lights, or maybe both. Or you could go super graphic with Menu’s optical candleholder. Another option is to spend a little more and get a bigger candleholder. To get the proper Scandi feeling, you need to go find an Iconic piece, I really love the original Kubus 4, which was just launched in a limited edition grey version.

Flowers – The newest trend in Scandi flowers, is making it look like you just went to the garden and picked some wild flowers, none of those all lilies or roses bouquets, please. For people living in the city, it can be kind of difficult, picking your own wild flowers I mean, but luckily you can buy single stems of most flowers at your local flower shop or just get a weekly bouquet delivered by Bloomon that way last minutes guest are never a problem.

Napkins – I really like this one, because not many people go the extra mile, but if you have your cloth napkins ironed and ready to use, you will receive a lot of ohhs and ahhs from your guests I am sure. I always have an all white or a stack of more colourful from Damask ready in my closet.

Plates – There is two options here really, either you go with the handmade rustic look and choose plates or you go all white, maybe with a little discreet furrow to give the table a little extra elegance, you can actually shop both styles at Kähler. Look for Ombria or Hammerhøi.

Statement table & chairs – Lets make this last one super simple, never go down on a striking table and chairs, because that way you always have something nice look at for one, but also then you don’t really need to do much to make your dining room look amazing. Maybe a simple, yet striking table from andtradition and mix it with beautiful velvet Bettle Chair from Gubi.


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