5 Tricks To Faster Cleaning


So I won’t mention the thing that happened here. Lets just keep on practicing more love, more compassion, more understanding, to create a more unified and loving planet by focusing as much as even possible on all the good and the beauty that surrounds us. And even though Copenhagen is showing itself from a very pretty side with blue skies, all I want to do is stay inside and clean, like a maniac – just to keep my mind of things, keep me away from Facebook and all the things we don’t mention.

I have compiled a list of good cleaning tips & tricks, which surely should make you in a somewhat better mood. Also I really wanted to test my new Electrolux UltraPower cordless cleaner.

01. Race The Clock
When you do not have all the time in the world and really just want to give every room a quick clean the “timer method” of cleaning is perfect. Mainly because I find that I really easily get distracted, especially on a day like today. Set a timer for 15 minutes. It’s not long, but long enough to get a chunk of work done before resetting the timer. If the timer goes off and you find yourself distracted, that’s your warning to get back to work!

02. Clean As You Go
Just like in life in general, it’s the little things that count. When you go down to the basement for laundry, remember the empty bottles or garbage bag. While your chicken is in the oven cooking, make the dishes you used to cook. By cleaning up as you go, you just safe time at the end, adding valuable minutes to those tasks that really need attention, like spending a few extra minutes with that old toothbrush on your bathroom tile grout! (oh joy!)


03. Cheating Yourself For Results
You hardly have the energy, yet you get the couch vacuumed – then say loud to yourself “How beautiful, think how great it would be with the floors mopped”, you get the job done (remember to beat that timer) and think “Mmm … see that, now off to the kitchen.” So the trick is to cheat yourself into more results.

04. The Creative
On all other days than today this might work, but as I said, today I really want to clean, but in theory, you could just throw yourself on the couch, keep watching those election debates (which wont change a thing) and just get your boy/girlfriend, mother-in-law or cleaning lady to do the dirty work for you.

05. Use The Right Tool
This might even be the most important point. Although it sounds like something your dad would say, it could not be truer. It seems like it is a common perception that men are more untidy than women, that we spend less time on house chores, that we simply just don’t know how to or basically care about the tidiness of the home. Is that really true? Keeping your dwelling space clean and tidy is important for a variety of reasons: it’s hygienic, allows you to feel comfortable having people over (and inviting in surprise guests), gives you peace of mind, and even helps conserve your supply of willpower. Let me be frank, with this new badass gadget, you might want to rethink how creative you want to be getting out of at least the vacuuming part of the cleaning. As I said to begin with, today I unleashed the power of the new Electrolux UltraPower(ful) cordless cleaner. I really love this gadget. First of all, no cord, do I have to say more? Thank you very much! Second, it is super powerful, so you can use it everywhere, on all surfaces and get around the entire house without having to think about that damn cord all the time. Simply flip it out of the power station and start the race against the clock (see point 1 again). And when you are done cleaning, you can leave it out, in a corner (I really don’t find it super ugly), in a closet or as I do, underneath the couch. And ps. another point that is super nerdy, but super relevant, it is made of 50% recycled plastic and when it is fully charged the charger will switch of itself, saving you money, while saving the environment. Again, it’s the little things that count right?


This post is in partnership with Electrolux. Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for supporting collaborations that I am excited about and that have kept Bungalow5’s doors open.




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